[Coco] Re: Hello All

Richard E. Crislip rcrislip at neo.rr.com
Fri May 28 23:47:15 EDT 2004

Hello Robert

> There are 2 beta versions available for download... get the newest one,
> 0.99B. The older one is strictly for stock RSDOS and if nothing else,
> makes it easy to work with three double sided drives, the max you can
> easily hook up to a CoCo.
> I don't remember if .99b supports it ( <Homer>stupid brain </Homer> ), but
> v1.0 (getting close to release) has the ability to create GROUPS. A Group
> is a file with a .FOG extension which the best way I can describe it is as
> a "hyper-directory" to files on any of the other drives. So you can have
> you favorite games scattered across various drives, but still see them in
> one place. It just links to whatever file you would normally execute to
> launch a given program. You can even put FOG files inside of FOG files.
> Give it a whirl and see what you think!

Got it. I'll give it a try and let ya know how it worked for me. All I have
to do is to figure out how to get over to the CoCo 8-).

Cruisen                                                    _|_
              on AutoPilot with an Amiga   ---o-( )-o---   and a CoCo

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