[Coco] request for OS9 manual page scans

Dean Leiber adit at 1stconnect.com
Thu May 27 19:32:16 EDT 2004


>>From the OS-9 users manual, I need pages 3-30 and 3-31 of the "OS-9 Windowing
>System" section. I'm not picky about the format, as long as it's legible.

I know there is a copy on os9archive (I think in the rsdos incoming 
section somewhere). if you can't find it there I have a copy here in the 
archive I'm doing (contributed by Stephen Fischer) The thing is you 
probably want the whole section since there were various printings of the 
manual and the page numbers may not match up correctly through various 
printings. For example, the scans that Stephen did do not match with the 
manual I have (later printting). Ain't life fun?


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