[Coco] [Color Computer] Re: Hello All

Robert Emery theother_bob at yahoo.com
Thu May 27 01:20:05 EDT 2004

--- Roger Taylor <rtaylor at bayou.com> wrote:
> At 12:12 PM 5/26/2004, you wrote:
> > >  I find it.... well .... wierd that there doesn't even barely seem
> >to be an online COCO community yet people still have COCO fests.
> There's lots of CoCo users out there who aren't active on any mailing list 
> or forum, and some have never been part of any online community.
I myself have always been an isolated coco-nut. I could rarely afford to buy
software, and when I could RS was a lot closer than mail-order. All my friends
with computers had either Commies or Model I/III/4's. I never even found
bit.listerv.coco or the online CoCo community until late '99.
> >folks just refuse to give up the ghost and join the new list or the
> >yahoo lists... that's their loss as well as ours.
> The Yahoo lists have the side effect of attaching graphics ads to each 
> e-mail you receive.

Yeah, I'm not crazy about that either. That's why I have a >500KB hosts file to
eliminate a large chunk of web advertising, including pop-ups. 

I really do like the type of forum you've set up on CoCo3.com, but people seem
to think that posting to more than one place results in "splintering" those of
us that are active. To me that's like saying that watering two trees means
neither one will get enough water. *shrug* 

I guess technically, the CoCo's been dead for over 10 years now so... Long Live
the CoCo!


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