[Coco] [Color Computer] Re: Hello All

Bob theother_bob at yahoo.com
Wed May 26 13:12:37 EDT 2004

>  I find it.... well .... wierd that there doesn't even barely seem 
to be an online COCO community yet people still have COCO fests.
>  Maybe I don't read the correct "lists" or forums. I check here on  
yahoo or Delphi about daily to find.... nothing. I think you can 
count the number of active people in these forums on a single hand.
>  There doesn't seem to be any real software dealers. No one from 
the old software companies like Sundog or Diecom are active with the 
COCO at all. These floppys are 15+ years old and when they go bad we 
are SOL.

Too true Charlie. First of all, the bulk of the CoCo chatter is on 
the MaltedMedia list, including about a dozen replies to your post.

You can subscribe to it as a mail list or read it as a newsgroup if 
you don't already. There's probably some heartburn out there over 
some a$$hole spamming bit.listserv.coco literally to death and some 
folks just refuse to give up the ghost and join the new list or the 
yahoo lists... that's their loss as well as ours.

I for one am still developing CC3 GUI software to make it easier for 
folks with hard drives and HDB-DOS to manage files on their 260+ 
(potentially) disk drives. I just wish I had done this 10 years ago 
when I might have had a chance to market it.

Well, it's still fun for me and yes, right now there are some killer 
products being introduced for the CoCo. I might even try my hand at 
an html rendering program for the CoCo3 now that ethernet is on the 
way. I love programming my CoCo in a way that PC's will never compare 

Bob Emery

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