[Coco] gcc-coco-rsdos installer for Mac OS X

James Dessart dessart at istop.com
Tue May 25 11:14:48 EDT 2004

On 25-May-04, at 10:58 AM, <alsplace at pobox.com> wrote:

> This is going to be very cool, James.  So this gives me a command line 
> compiler that can take ANSI (?) C and emit something that runs under 
> RS-DOS?  Like:
> int main()
> {
>   printf( "This is in RS-DOS!\n" );
>   return EXIT_SUCCESS;
> }

That'll work, the test program in the other archive does essentially 
that, although it's C++.

> ..and all that?  Is stdlib and all that implemented?  This is going to 
> be very very cool!  I wonder, if it can be made to do OS-9 stuff, how 
> it will compare to the old K&R Microware compiler.

stdlib is somewhat implemented, same with stdio. Right now I think the 
input mechanism is broken, so I'll have to fix that. It can definitely 
be made to do OS-9 stuff, although you'll have to ask Boisy about that, 
I don't do much OS-9 stuff (if any).


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