[Coco] Using a PC monitor on the CoCo

Allen Huffman alsplace at pobox.com
Wed May 19 20:06:34 EDT 2004

> I'm positive it could work, may have to mess with the H/V sync if 
> anything, but
> that's easy enough. The question is are you willing to spend more than 
> the
> CoCo3 and monitor together cost. I'll stick with my crappy old CM-8 
> for now.

That adapter is $144, and I can buy a new 15" PC monitor AND that 
adapter for less than what a CM-8 costs ;-)  And it will look better.

Personally, I'm considering getting this (since Amiga seems to us 
V-Sync and H-Sync seperately) and a flat panel monitor for the CoCo... 
Since I can use the flat panel monitor for any other computer I have... 

> If a scan doubler were around $60-75 they'd sell like hotcakes, not 
> only to the
> retro-computer market, but arcade video game collectors too, since 
> cheap VGA
> monitors could replace old, hard-to-find CRT displays (which would 
> also work
> with the CoCo3)

I also found numerous places selling under-$100 devices for video use 
-- converting composite or SVHS to VGA and such.  Tons of cheap devices 
out there, but none specifically for RGB-A that I could find.  Yet.


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