[Coco] Away May 31-June 8

Dennis Bathory-Kitsz bathory at maltedmedia.com
Wed May 19 10:43:58 EDT 2004

At 10:33 AM 5/19/04 -0700, Ray Watts wrote:
>Now, please 
>clear up my muddled brain.  I've know of you since 1983 and you have 
>always titled yourself  Dennis Bathory Kitz.  During those early years, 
>you lived on Bathory Rd in Roxbury, VT although you have said you were 
>born and raised in Jersey. I guess I'm trying to tie up the loose ends 
>with the name Bathory.  Did you adopt that name or are you in Erzsebet's 
>bloodlines?  And, did you carve out that road in Roxbury, or were there 
>relatives living there already?  Enough of this enigma, already. 
> Inquiring minds need to know.  Just don't ask me why.

Let's see. It was Dennis Bathory Kitsz (note the 's') back then. (Wayne
Green hated the hyphen more than the three-name deal, by the way.)

My birth certificate is on the website I referenced. Yes, it's Bathory.
Issues of musical chairs, so to speak, with the family womb. There's no
'Kitsz' on the birth certificate, but there was one among the various
maternal marriage licenses. That enough detail? :)

I did carve out the road. In those days, there were no postal addresses in
Roxbury (pre-E911), so we bought a road sign and put it up in my driveway
(or 'dooryard', pronouced 'doyad'). The mail came to the PO nevertheless.

After 1990, I moved from Roxbury to Northfield after a rather bitter
divorce, roadsign and all, and now live very happily with my third wife,
together now almost 14 years.


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