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Humm, I seem to have missed these earlier messages.  That's what
happens when I try to use the %^&$#%# windoze box. :-(

>>>>>I know that there is a way to run C functions through a BASIC09
>>>>>program, but I was wondering if there was a way to run BASIC09
>>>>>procedures through a C program and receive an integer value back?

I did figure out how to call binary subroutine modules, like inkey and
gfx2, from C.  It's not that hard but there are, as usual with C, a
few "gotchas".  

If anyone's interested, I'll dig out my essay and post it.

For an I-code module, you'd have to either system("module") (which
forks a shell, which will figure out module's a BASIC-09 module and
fork runb), or os9fork("runb", etc....).


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