[Coco] Virus infected files on ftp://maltedmedia.com

Dennis Bathory-Kitsz bathory at maltedmedia.com
Thu May 13 07:37:36 EDT 2004

At 11:27 PM 5/12/04 -0400, you wrote:
>Looks like there may be a time-out problem with slow dial-up connections 
>to your ftp server.

There's a timeout on the server only if the data transfer stops (if the
client is inactive). That's set to 900 seconds. It assumes a dropped
connection or a completed session, and it's there so others will be able to
connect if you forgot to close the session. So long as data transfer is in
progress, however (no matter how slow a connection you have), the server is
not supposed to time you out.

I'm guessing this is your earlier connection record with three different
client attempts: - - [12/May/2004:08:28:10 -0400] "GET
/usr/public_ftp/bathory/coco/USERGROUPS/Bit.Listserv.CoCo/COCO 2001.ZIP
HTTP/1.0" 203 0 "899.857sec 0.000kbps" "mozilla at example.com" - - [12/May/2004:21:40:58 -0400] "GET
/usr/public_ftp/bathory/coco/USERGROUPS/Bit.Listserv.CoCo/COCO 2001.ZIP
HTTP/1.0" 203 0 "899.985sec 0.000kbps" "IE30User at" - - [12/May/2004:23:17:16 -0400] "GET
/usr/public_ftp/bathory/coco/USERGROUPS/Bit.Listserv.CoCo/COCO 2001.ZIP
HTTP/1.0" 203 0 "899.974sec 0.000kbps" "guest at anonymous.com"

Notice the time -- 15 minutes or 900 seconds. And notice the error code
(203=incomplete) and the data transferred (0). I don't have connection
records for today yet; I get them every midnight (since your attempt was at
11:17pm, the partially successful attempts are likely later). But if they
are similar, I expect you may have a request timed out at some point.

Since you report 927 seconds, that means the data transfer was seen as in
progress over the 900 second timeout. There should not have been a timeout
at all, and I have never experienced it. Before I had cable, I uploaded and
downloaded files in the 30-50MB range via dialup with no timeouts, and that
included 90-minute and longer file download.

Anyone else?


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