[Coco] Potential Dragon Market

Steve Ostrom smostrom at mn.rr.com
Mon May 10 22:03:16 EDT 2004

Boisy, I have a Dragon and a lot of software for it.  Much of the 
software runs on both a Dragon and the Coco, but I'm guessing the 
software author does some ROM testing and runs the software 
accordingly.  I do have some Dragon rompacks but I've never tried them 
in my Coco.  I understand that most of the ROM routines have different 
starting addresses in the two machines.  I've had many discussions about 
conversion with an e-mail friend in GB, but nothing has been resolved yet.

-- Steve --

Boisy G. Pitre wrote:

> Today, Mark and I were discussing the Dragon 64 as a potential market 
> for our products.  During lunch, I pulled out my Dragon by Tano which 
> I purchased on-line several years back, and discovered that the 
> cartridge port is very similar to the CoCo's.  The SuperIDE DOES work 
> on the Dragon 64; however, HDB-DOS does not.
> Do any folks on this list know the state of Dragon users today?  I 
> would expect that most would be in Europe.  Cloud-9 is certainly 
> willing to look into offering products like the SuperIDE to those 
> users, assuming they exist. In the case of this particular product, I 
> suspect HDB-DOS would have to be "ported" to the Dragon BASIC framework.
> Regards,
> Boisy

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