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Mark Marlette mmarlett at isd.net
Mon May 10 05:30:16 EDT 2004

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Boisy has had 4GB drives or larger on his system. Which is probably the 
limit under OS-9 just as it is with SCSI.

CD-ROMs are ATAPI devices, currently not supported. Boisy please verify 
this. The interface is the same. It is a software issue.

Developers are needed to step up and start writing drivers for these 
devices. Boisy's new Super drivers package splits out the low level and 
high level functions of SCSI, IDE, etc. One high level driver and then the 
low level function drivers as required. Boisy, correct me if I'm wrong 
here. Thus saving system RAM if you have more than one device, like SCSI 
and IDE combo.

I'm doing solid state media on the following CF, SD, MS, SM, MMC.



>What is the maximum size CompactFlash card supported by the SuperIDE 
>Interface?  Also, is there a maximum xSpeed for CD-ROM drives?  And 
>lastly, what would be some other compatible IDE devices that one could hook up?
>Roger Taylor
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