[Coco] Re: JPEG

James Ross jr at webross.com
Sat May 8 03:51:51 EDT 2004

Roger Taylor wrote:

>the flip side to that would be that the JPEG 
>formula patent holders waited this long because they wanted to see just how 
>many thieves would profit from the stolen patent's formula. 

I hope you are joking :) I don't know of any inventor that would come
up with something really cool, patent it, and just wait around and
count how many people steal it and make dollars with it, unless the
plan was for the lawsuit to begin with.  But we are talking almost 20
years here. Only the Japanese think that far ahead. In our culture
you're lucky to have a 6-month plan. Nope, this was an unplanned
afterthought.  Just like SCO.  Not making sales?  Who can we sue? 


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