[Coco] Anybody ever post "Quaver"?

Neil Morrison neilsmorr at hotpop.com
Wed May 12 15:33:55 EDT 2004

Did you find the source? If you can advise the sizes of the various parts I
should be able to hack a disk transfer. I do have some concerns that the
original version may be over writing some of the DOS areas.


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From: "Dennis Bathory-Kitsz" <bathory at maltedmedia.com>

> At 05:11 AM 3/31/04 -0600, x0remery at dsbmail.itg.ti.com wrote:
> >The way I read it, the program is assembled (originally to tape) with
> >multiple ORGs. This makes it a royal pain to transfer directly to disk,
> >probably possible. IMO, the simpler method would be to...
> >"Use the source, Luke!" and re-assemble it directly to disk.
> >You do have the source, right?
> Maybe somewhere. The latest source (2.3) is somewhere in storage. Only the
> object code was ever released.
> That's sort of how this exercise started. I was looking for a copy of my
> source and BASIC code in ASCII format to put on my website to reference
> an article I was writing.
> Not having any of the CoCo tools anymore, I was hoping I could load up the
> tapes into an emulator and save an ASCII copy.
> Now I *really* have to find that source code. I'm going to storage today.
> Anybody else want anything I just might have in the meantime? Some old
> Gatherer boards, perhaps? Edge connectors? Tubes? Sorry, gave up those
> 6309's a while ago. :)
> Dennis

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