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Wed Mar 31 12:20:24 EST 2004

--- "Charles D. Shrader II" <charles at shrader.com> wrote:
> So what city and state does everyone live in? 

Dallas(ish), TX
> Also, what is your favorite game on the TRS-80 Model 2/3?

Long story... I don't even remember the name of it, but some space shooter
something or other on a Model III. I had it on my high school "Computer Math"
class diskette* with TRSDOS. A good friend of mine was a friggen' Z-80 savant
(spoke straight machine language!) had modified the game to ask for the magic
word before it would run... you had to type in PLEASE to prevent the screen
from going super-fuzzy-haywire (requiring a reset), or some other properly
timed sequence to actually start the game, which I did intentionally when the
teacher was looking. heh-heh  >:-) The teacher actually asked my friend if he
could access the file, my friend played dumb, of course. That was wicked!

*Three things: 
1. We had to turn in our disks to the teacher every night
2. The teacher was a know-it-all nitwit (could have qualified as Tandy mgmt!)
3. As the resident TRS-80 guru, my friend was the teacher's assistant, and thus
had access to my disk.

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