[Coco] Coconuts in the Washington, DC, or Richmond, VA area...

John Donaldson jadonaldson at charter.net
Thu Jul 22 10:29:13 EDT 2004

   Could David to persuaded to part with a CDROM?????? I would be glad 
to pay the postage.
I have his 128K version that I got from him at a past COCOFEST and it is 
great. It is the only
COCO3 emulator that I know of that will run under XP Pro.

John Donaldson

Tony Podraza wrote:

>At the next meeting of the Glenside Color Computer Club, Mr. David Keil will be presenting the latest addition to his CoCo3 Emulator....RAM in excess of 128K.  That's right!  He has the 512K and 2M modes working in Beta, plus a bug fix or two.  Copies may be available.
>Spread the word!
>Refreshments at Portillo's following the meeting; Dutch Treat.
>August 12, 2004
>Schaumburg Township District Library
>130 S Roselle Rd
>Schaumburg, IL 60193
>(847) 985-4000
>7:00 PM
>Need directions?  Google it.  They do a fantastic job!
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