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If it will boot Flex09, it shouldn't be to difficult to patch/modify a version of OS-9 or Nitros9 for it. Anyone looked into that? Seems like this would make a perfect core for a very compact controller board or experimental system. Just add some sort of video (maybe just composite or NTSC output), RAM, and some I/O. If really strapped for space, USB ports would do it all with drivers for drives and such. One USB 2.0 port might not be enough, not sure how throughput is affected by using an external hub. 

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> Kevin 
> John Kent has a functional Core that is called a SoC, System on a 
> Chip. He has the 6809 CPU core and built around it is a UART, a 
> simple MMU, and timer and few other items. It is designed to boot 
> the Flex (Flex09) operating system. It fits comfortablity in a Spartan 
> II 300K gate part. The CPU core itself will fit just into a 200K gate 
> Spartan II. 
> The Spartan II would be more prefered as its inputs and outputs are 
> 5 volt tolerant. The Sparttan IIE and Spartan III are not unless there 
> is an external pullup. 
> I was more hoping for a smaller core so that maybe much of the 
> GIME functions and the CPU functions could be done in one chip. 
> Looking at the Spartan 3 family, a 400K or 600K gate could almost 
> do the whole Coco on one chip plus external ram/rom. 
> james 

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