[Coco] Portal-9 disassembler

Robert Gault robert.gault at worldnet.att.net
Mon Dec 27 17:38:58 EST 2004

Sounds great, Roger! So far the only program I know of for the Coco that 
would come close is "Source3" by Bill Vergona, an interactive 
disassembler. This program only knows RSBasic 6809 code and is very 
quirky if the binary loads in lower RAM system space.

Are you going to attempt OS-9 code, higher level languages, or straight 
ml 6(3/8)09? I'd suggest sticking to straight ml, but if patterns could 
easily be found that suggest higher level programming, report it. For 
example, if your program found many SWI2, FCB combinations, OS-9 could 
be suggested as the creating system.

Have you given any thought to game/programs on copy protected disks? 
That is a whole other major problem in preserving Coco programs and 
outside the current scope of Portal-9. At the very least, Portal-9 
should state as a disclaimer that many programs can not be reproduced 
because parts of the code will be unseen on the source disks without 
special programs.

What would your disassembler do if the binary loads multiple times to 
the same address but a different MMU block? That would be a major 
problem for any disassembler as code would be constantly overwritten or 
might even switch out the disassembler.

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