[Coco] [Color Computer] Complete Commodore 64 homecomputer on a single chip

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If it was her idea originally, I would suspect that some company 
wanted to do a venture capital agreement and then bring her on as 
a contractor. She must have sold someone on the idea and they felt 
it was a worth while investment. A lot of small designers ideas get 
funded this way. This is one way how venture capital works. In a 
way it is good to see this.

Depending on how the aggreement was written up, determines   
here profit and what rights she has to the product after so m any 


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> >From a new article I read, I don't think she got the money. She was
> >paid as
> a contractor to build it for another company.
> She probably got a good contractor rate, but it didn't say whether or
> not she got any of the profits. But again, since she was a contractor,
> I doubt it.

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