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Tue Dec 21 11:14:19 EST 2004

Fine Roger:

Now I can start working on doing some Cordic Functions. Should be 
able to do Sine, Cosine, Tangent and their inverse function with 
little difficulty.


On 20 Dec 2004 at 23:58, Roger Taylor wrote:

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> I should have Portal-9 2.0 (including CCASM 3.02) uploaded tomorrow. 
> I've also extended my deal until Jan 1st.
> For those who don't know, Portal-9 is a CoCo cross-development IDE for
> Windows.  CCASM is a cross-assembler with things such as procedures
> (with nesting), structures, nested conditional assembly, full 6309
> support.
> The IDE has undergone a major internal restructuring for the better,
> while CCASM has fixed a bug in the EIM/IOM/AIM/TIM commands.  Things
> are really shaping up now to where I can start adding more meat to the
> IDE.  I've also dramatically sped up the readout window.
> You can now use checkboxes to enable/disable assembler options like:
> generate listing, symbols table, all symbols table, quite mode, debug
> mode, error reporting, etc.   Some of these options are
> per-source-file while some are global to all source files.
> I've added a MESS configuration dialog where you can set some of the
> things you'd normally have to do from MESSGUI.EXE.  Things like: run
> in a window, start maximized, throttle, and enforce aspect ratio, as
> well as a custom options field are now part of Portal-9 and apply to
> each project separately.
> I've put together a "ToolPak" which is basically a separate installer
> that gives registered users some nice tools to use, all callable from
> the menus.  Some of the tools: programmer's calculator, text file
> browser, and lots more on the way.
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