[Coco] GCC for the 6809

Mark McDougall msmcdoug at optushome.com.au
Thu Dec 2 16:25:55 EST 2004

A Schober wrote:

> There appears to be a decently working C compiler at
> sdcc.sourceforge.net.  It is primarially for 8051s but
> also has a basic 68HC08 target (and others).  This
> might be easier to work on than the gcc behemoth.

Yes, I've actually used sdcc (8051) for a 'real' product.

It has a few limitations/bugs, and I can't say I've even looked 'under the 
hood', but IMHO I think it would be a more suitable candidate for the 6809 
than gcc. From what I've heard, gcc is really only suited to 16-bit and 
above CPUs.

How much work do you think you've put into gcc so far James? And how much 
more until it's 'done'?


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