[Coco] 6809 MicroIDE (Attn: Roger Taylor)

Mannequin* mannslists at invigorated.org
Sun Dec 5 11:34:10 EST 2004

Hey Roger + all,

I've downloaded the 6809 version of MicroIDE from

Anyway, after installing it on my Windoze box, I made a simple test
program and tried to compile. It gave me an ASM file, but no binary. So
I whipped out my copy of Portal-9, and tried to "compile" the ASM source
on that. It seemed to like it, but there were calls to undefined
symbols, mainly "printf" and "?lt."

>From the looks of it, this is a good direction to follow. Besides my
obvious resistance to having to pay ~$150.00 for an IDE for the 6809
(not Roger's), it looks like with a little hacking that we could do
something like what I've done until we can get a open source version of
the 6809 C compiler out and about.

I'm currently using the demo version of MicroIDE, which restricts me to
500 lines of source. I'm not too sure if that means in one file, or the
whole project, though. (Probably the whole project. :P )

Now, I know next to nothing about Assembly, so I could be way off on
this assessment. Also, this particular C compiler does not support
floating point variables (include doubles, of course.) It also doesn't
support some other things that I find valuable, but I could probably
live without for a while: <http://www.bipom.com/microcfaq.shtm>

Might this be a temporary fix until we can get a good dev team up to
working on either porting a good ANSI compliant C compiler to the Coco?


PS. Yes, I know Roger looked in to this already, but I wanted to see it
for myself. I also wanted to present it to the Coco gurus for
analysis. :)

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