[Coco] Re: [Color Computer] Rom PAK to tape?

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Fri Apr 30 19:24:48 EDT 2004

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> > 2, I also didn't know you had to keep the tape on the rom pak 
> > it was in slot 1 of the multipak. I assumed the tape was only for
> > trying to do a tape save of the rom pak......opps.
> >
> > Now I can play DoD with out hooking up the tape drive :-)
> >
> > Charlie
> There are programs which will copy a rompak in a multipak without 
the tape
> trick.
> Neil

Yeah. Years ago I did all this stuff. (Thats why I had DoD dumped to 
disk already) But while I still have 90% of all my hardware and 100% 
of my software, I lost all my rainbow magazines and notes I used to 

I read somewhere that there was a patch to play Dungeons of 
Daggorath on an OS-9 system. I would LOVE to have that and play off 
my COCO harddrive.


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