[Coco] Please share server upgrade expense

Clifford Redding Clifford.Redding at GTE.Net
Wed Apr 28 19:28:41 EDT 2004

Heart felt condolances, Dennis. I'll help also.


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> Hi all,
> Sorry to have been out of touch with some of you. We have had two deaths
> the family during April, and lots of turmoil as you can expect.
> The kind folks at pair Networks (http://pair.com/) have been providing our
> dedicated maltedmedia.com server at $100/month, 40% of their normal
> Three-quarters of this has been sponsored by Princeton String Academy, and
> the rest through contributions to the largest site, Kalvos & Damian's New
> Music Bazaar.
> But two weeks ago -- after six years -- the server ran out of hard drive
> space and had to be upgraded. The cost of upgrading to 80GB (four times
> current capacity), including installation and transfer of data, was $150.
> Since the maltedmedia.com server is actively used at no cost by a variety
> of individuals and nonprofit organizations, I'd appreciate help with that
> upgrade charge. If the large-volume users (particularly the music sites)
> forwarded $10 to $20 through PayPal to my address
> <bathory at maltedmedia.com>, that would cover a fair portion of it. From
> email users and a handful of list members, even $1 here and there would be
> great.
> This doesn't cover bandwidth, which is limited to 60GB/month (and we've
> been skating close to the line) or the $1/month domain charges, but I've
> been able to absorb that so far.
> This charge will be appearing on my debit card on May 1, so help is much
> appreciated.
> Many thanks,
> Dennis
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