[Coco] wordpak

Robert Gault robert.gault at worldnet.att.net
Wed Apr 28 07:26:57 EDT 2004

RJRTTY at aol.com wrote:
> Hello Friends,
>      Does anybody know the details of how os9 level 1 version 2.0 is different
> from os9 level 1 version 1.1 ?
> I am trying to adapt the wordpak II 80 column card for operation under 
> version  2.0.
>      I have partially dissasembled the drivers for the wordpak and default 32 
> column
> screen (CCIO) for version 2.0 and the main differences are some execution
> addresses that are jumped to located in different places in the direct page 
> memory.
>      Would anybody here have the information on the particulars of how they
> are different?  Especially in the usage of direct page memory.
> thanks in advance,
> Roy R Justus

OS-9 Level1 v2.0 includes provisions for 80 column screens. I suspect 
you don't need to do the work implied in your message.

V2 includes a /term for 80 columns and a CO80 driver. Include these in a 
boot file using Config and my guess is that the system will work with 
the WordpakII without further changes. You switch between the two 
screens (32, 80) with Tmode.

The V2 supplement manual refers frequently to an 80 column card but does 
not mention the Wordpak or any other card by name.

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