[Coco] OT: DED's, warm beer, ice cream

Neil Morrison neilsmorr at hotpop.com
Mon Apr 12 17:29:27 EDT 2004

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From: "Roger Taylor" <rtaylor at bayou.com>

> At 02:42 PM 4/12/2004 -0700, you wrote:
> >You can make great ice cream with liquid nitrogen.  Just stir up a
bowl of
> >ice cream mixture, then spray the nitrogen into it.  It freezes
> >aerates the ice cream at the same time.  I'm trying to convince my
> >dermatologist to give me a bottle for that purpose.
> Liquid nitrogen icecream... how original.  I'm sure that is *great*
for the
> teeth!  :)

I saw that done on Jay Leno or a similar show. Apparently it's better
than regular methods since ice crystals can't form.


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