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Richard E. Crislip rcrislip at neo.rr.com
Thu Apr 8 13:44:00 EDT 2004

Hello roger_1776

On 04/04/04, roger_1776 wrote:
> How many of you cocoists are going to the up coming cocofest? It's 
> really suprising that Glennside can break even year after year 
> throwing these fests! I didn't make it to the fest last year... and 
> I kind of bum'ed out when I didn't hear much about it afterwards... 
> or if there would be another one. I'm going to show up with my coco 
> this year (and maybe a surprize I'm working on) this year. As a pay 
> back to the club, I'm going to donate my Rainbow Magazine collection 
> to the "CoCofest No Minimum Bid Auction". This auction keeps the 
> fest alive year after year! So if your missing some issues, you 
> might want to show up and make a bid or two on the collection. I'll 
> leave it up to the club as to how to divide it up for the auction! 
> As much as I'd like to put it up at EBAY for $$$ . Glennside has 
> done a great job of keeping the CoCo alive all these years. I'll 
> vote for yet another fest next year! Has Anyone heard from Jim Davis 
> lately. He has always been a big coco supporter. Jim if you read 
> this... Hope to see you and the family at the fest. Always a great 
> time (in my eyes).

I have a room reserved 8-)

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