[Coco] [Color Computer] ColorTerm ?

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Thu Apr 8 07:12:57 EDT 2004

On 4/8/2004, "migueletto" <migueletto at yahoo.com> wrote:

>Some eons ago I used a terminal emulator on a tape-based Coco2,
>together with a 9600 modem. I remember the terminal supported a 51x24
>display in graphic mode, and also an almost unreadable 64x24 display.
>I *think" it was named ColorTerm, but I am not sure. Does anyone
>remember such thing ?

There were at least two popular terminal programs with the name Color in
them. ColorCom/e and ColorTerm were two of them. One of those was from
Cer-Comp and like almost all software from them it supported a wide
range of screen formats including one that I think was like 128x32 which
was 100% unreadable. Which one of those two came from Cer-Comp slips my
mind at the moment.


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