[Coco] [Color Computer] cocofest

Dave Poitras dave at cococentral.org
Mon Apr 5 04:09:13 EDT 2004

Sue & I going also.  Making the 1100+ mile drive again.

Roger, I think Jim has pretty much left the CoCo world for other ventures.

It will be great seeing you there as well as the rest of the CoCoNuts!

If Allen shows up, maybe we can spice up the auction again :-)

Dave Poitras

From: "Mark Marlette" 

> At 10:52 PM 4/4/2004 +0000, you wrote:
> We will be there. Josh, Kaitlyn and myself.
> Mark
> Cloud-9
 >How many of you cocoists are going to the up coming cocofest?

 Has Anyone heard from Jim Davis
> >lately. He has always been a big coco supporter. Jim if you read
> >this... Hope to see you and the family at the fest. Always a great
> >time (in my eyes).
> >
> >Roger

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