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On Friday 02 April 2004 16:53, chazbeenhad wrote:
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>> Be patient. I got one along with a Coco and a bunch of software
>> for $25. You have to read the descriptions - sometimes they don't
>> the monitor in the title.
>> Neil
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>> > CM-8 would be just fine. Been looking on Ebay nothing in the
>> > last couple of weeks.
>> >
>> > -Moat
>I would really like to get a hold of a Magnavox 8CM515. Doesn't that
>monitor do composite video and RGB???
Yes, and in RGB its a whole lot sharper than a CM-8 ever dreamed of 
being.  There simply isn't any comparison. Unforch, mine died (scan 
transformer, and that part doesn't seem to be available anywhere, 
anypace, for any price) so I have also been reduced to the CM-8 
fuzzies.  The 1CM135, is the next generation unit, works similarly, 
has a cylindrical faceplate.  Also there are a few commie 1084's 
around which are 8CM515's for all practicle purposes.  Many of those 
are fading, or have the amiga screens burnt into them forever.

Cheers, Gene
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