[Coco] floppy controller & L1

KnudsenMJ at aol.com KnudsenMJ at aol.com
Fri Apr 2 15:11:35 EST 2004

>   Kevin Diggs <kevdig at hypersurf.com> wrote:
>  >Hi,
>  >    I have a Sardis Technology Dual mode controller. Isn't 
>  >this one of those "no halt"
>  >beasties? Anyone know where I can find an OS9 L1 driver?

I still use on on my Coco3 setup, mostly for OS-9.   I don't recall whether I 
had it running on OS-9 Level 1, or didn't get it till I had Level 2.  But I'm 
sure that *somewhere* I have the original distro disk with the drivers on it.

FWIW, I stopped running its no-halt driver when I installed B&B hard drives 
-- word was that the no-halt driver had "interactions" that could screw up your 
hard drive.

If you have no HD, or use an IDE, then you should be OK to run no-halt.  The 
installation requires you to zap a byte or two in the OS9 kernel, I forget 
which module.  If I find the instructions, you can have them and the disk.

Funny question popped into my head -- would there be any sense in an RSBASIC 
no-halt driver?  Maybe for some fancy assembly-language data gathering app, 
that could do its own multi-tasking while the disk is doing I/O?
--Mike K.

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