[Coco] [Off Topic} General Question

Charles D. Shrader II charles at shrader.com
Thu Apr 1 23:18:36 EST 2004

Thanks to everyone for sharing your games and places of residence!  I
was pleasantly surprised to see so many fans of the Coco involved on
this list server.  We've got the map covered!

I have a friend that still has his old Coco from the early 80's!  I just
learned this recently when telling him about this List Server.  I asked
him if he still has some of the programs he wrote for it on tape but he
didn't respond so my guess is no.  It would have been cool to see if the
tapes still work.  He did some decent work on the Coco - lots of
role-playing game utilities and such...

Chuck in Knoxville

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