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Neil, that's Barberton.  Officially, there is no Norton ZIP Code 
because a little post office about 100 miles SW of here has the name 
"Norton".  It's a political thing -- Norton, OH is the boyhood home of 
John Seiberling ( yeah, the ex-Congressman ) whose family (think 
Goodyear / Seiberling  & tires ) tried to keep the area "rural".  Which 
is why we still have no sewers; Norton was incorporated to keep from 
being annexed by Barberton, has no industry to speak of, and hence no 
tax base for infrastructure.

This is partly explained by the fact that we are adjacent to Akron, the 
northern capital of West Virginia (sorry, Gene), and all the smart West 
Virginians stayed south of the Ohio River.

On Thursday, April 1, 2004, at 07:36  PM, Neil Morrison wrote:

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>> What, no purple and yellow Barberton booster? <G>
>> Mr. Crislip & I both live in the land of no sewers, AKA Norton OH,
> a
>> city without a ZIP Code.
> 44203 ?????
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