[Coco] Time Dating Disk Files (was Re: [Color Computer] Burke & Burke Shareware ?)

Richard Batt dickbatt at buffalo.com
Fri Apr 30 13:28:15 EDT 2004

Mike K. wrote:
>No kidding-- my original reason for switching to OS-9
>was so I could tell which of many versions of one of
>my programs was the most recent!  Try that with 
>a pile of RS-BASIC floppies!  --Mike K.

Art Flexser's Extended Ados-3 time dated floppy files.
If you had a RTC in your system it would get the time
from it. Otherwise, it would ask the time when first
started up, and remembered it even after a cold reset.
I too like having time dates on files, and this was
a highly valued feature of Extended Ados-3. Though,
actually, Ex. Ados-3 had so many great features it's
unfair to single out just one.

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