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Mon Apr 26 23:33:16 EDT 2004

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>Has anyone ever tried running a Coco with a monitor like the Wells Gardner
>D9200 (WGM2792-U0TS42A)?  It specifically states that 15 khz is supported.
>To run it with a PC, you would typically use something like an ArcadeVGA
>graphics card from Ultimarc, which also states that 15 khz is supported.
>I'm thinking that the Well's Gardner in combination with the Ultimarc
>ArcadeVGA card and a custom RGB to VGA cable like the one I purchased at
>Cloud-9 tech and a custom wooden case to contain the monitor, would allow me
>to view the Coco 3 on a 27" monitor quality display.  Combine this with some
>of the interfaces available for the Coco in order to allow it to use AT and
>PS/2 keyboards and such and perhaps I could even run Coco games in my Mame
>cabinet.  This would be great.
>It might be the expensive route to take, but is it doable?
>Thanks for any answers on this.
>Best Regards,
>Bill Tello
>billyt63 at adelphia.net

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