[Coco] Moving ROM segments to other locations

Arthur Flexser flexser at fiu.edu
Sun Apr 25 02:13:35 EDT 2004

In response to some questions that arose in an off-list discussion
involving Boisy and others, here's what happens as a result of moving ROM
segments around, according to some old notes I dug up, where all MMU pokes
are done in ROM mode:

MMU location    Value          Segment moved                 Destination

$FFA0         $3C or $3D      I0  ($8000 Extend. Bas.)          $0000
              $3E or $3F      E0  ($C000 External ROM)

$FFA1         $3C or $3D      I1  ($A000 Color Bas.)            $2000
              $3E or $3F      E1  ($E000 External ROM)

$FFA2         $3C or $3D      I2  ($C000 Int. Basic patcher)    $4000
              $3E or $3F      E0  ($C000 External ROM)

$FFA3         $3C or $3D      I3  ($E000 Int. Basic patcher)    $6000
              $3E or $3F      E1  ($E000 External ROM)

I haven't actually verified the $FFA0 results, but inferred them from the
pattern of the others.


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