[Coco] as the cm-8 turns ...

Kevin Diggs kevdig at hypersurf.com
Sat Apr 10 15:51:37 EDT 2004


	In todays epsiode, our hero , realizing that replacing the vertical
thingy (aka ix-0238ce, aka upc1378h) had no effect, searches for
information on
whether the defection coil is bad. In desperation he turns to the great
and wise
coco mailing list oracle:

	How do I tell if the deflection coils of my cm-8 are bad? Would the dc
resistance tell this? Anyone know where to get the correct value? I have
the dc
voltage of one side of the coil but not the other (from the service
manual, value
is correct). Would putting garlic, wolf's bane, or eye of newt around
the picture
tube neck help?


P.S.:	In the off chance that some cm-8 owning adventurer decides to open
his cm-8
	and make mesurements - please, please do not electrocute thy self!!!

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