[Coco] CASM V3.0 Now Available

secure at ytunnelpro.com secure at ytunnelpro.com
Thu Apr 8 06:02:22 EDT 2004

I posted the 3.0 alpha of CASM after making several additional changes.
As it stands now CASM pass the current set of regression test comprised
of a single 150k source file. All source files should compile just fine
with the exception of those using the CCASM namespace and union

Since several sections of code have changed between 2.5 and 3.0 several
internal assembler errors have been added as special asserts. This will
cause the assembler to dump an error, line number, filename, and the
expression that failed and will then exit. If you encounter any of these
please let me know and provide the offending source so I can get it

If you downloaded 2.5 you will noticed that the source files have been
split up considerably and are now more logically seprated. Several
additions have been made in the way of typedefs and enums. This is in
preparation for running it through LINT and to provide better
typechecking on more robust compilers. I'm looking to a way to minimize
the amount of work it might take to get this compiling on the CoCo. I
had 2.5 running on Level II at one point so I know it's possible.

You can get it on the download pages at http://www.oarizo.com

Questions, comments, general discussions can be posted to the group or to
me directly via email. Keep in mind that I'm usually WAY behind on my
emails and I have a built in FIFO buffer in my email client so it might
take a while for me to reply.


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