[Coco] CASM Cross Assembler V3.0 Alpha

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Wed Apr 7 12:13:12 EDT 2004

I will be posting an alpha release of CASM V3.0 sometime this evening.
This release includes initial support for the additional syntax provided
by Roger Taylor's CCASM and Rober Gault's EDTASM6309. All newer syntax
with the exception of CCASM's unions and namespaces is provided.

Several significant changes have also been made to correct bugs dealing
with indirect addressing, memory oriented bitwise operations, general
parsing of assembler source, and cycle counting.

Included in this release will also be a new experimental file format for
creating loadable modules. These are similar to Windows .DLL and Linux
shared libraries as they export the address of functions by name.

This version also includes a few minor changes for the possibility of a
future feature to generate object files for use with a linker.

Here's a quick list of changes made for this release:

Expression syntax has been updated to support CCASM conditionals, sub
expressions in parenthesis, and new bitwise shift operators ("<<" and

The following mneumonics have been added for compatibility:
=3D, includebin, align. even, odd, cond, ifp2, endc, endp, include, fcn,
fcr, fcz, fzb, fdq, fzq, rmd, endstruct, rmq, rzb, rzd, rzq, title, zmb,
zmd, zmq, copy, copy-, imp, exp, tfrp, tfrm, tfrs, tfrr.

The following mneumonics are new:

pushdp - save current assembler DP value (from setdp)
popdp - restore saved DP value
export - export symbol in loadable module.
rtif - return from fast interrupt (specific for cycle counting)

Because several changes have been made to the executable code emission
this release will be considered non-stable until I can create a
regression test that can be verified against a known working binary. If
anyone is willing to run some initial tests I would be extremely
greatful for any feedback that you can provide on bugs or mishandled
syntax parsing.


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