[Coco] cm-8

Kevin Diggs kevdig at hypersurf.com
Thu Apr 1 13:19:15 EST 2004


	My cm-8 is in intensive care. Something is wrong with the vertical
sweep. It is way to tall and the
linearity is off. And it is wrapping around on the bottom. I have the
service manual. There are only two
active elements in the vertical sweep circuit:

	ix0065ce (ha11235)		sync processor for h & v, vert driver
	ix0238ce (upc1378h)		vertical output

Neither the vertical output nor the vertical driver output are correct
on a scope (at least according to the
little pictures in the service manual). The slope part of the vertical
output has ringing (oscillation).
Anybody have any idea which is fried and where I can find a replacement
(an nte1550 may replace the ha11235 so
that is probably not the one that is fried!)?

	I have ordered a pair of the upc1378h things on ebay. Probably the
chip is fried.


P.S.:	On a philosophical note, how does something break sitting in a
box? I am almost certain this worked
	when I boxed it up. I would have fixed it otherwise as I tend to be
rather anal about such things?

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