[Coco] Re: M.E.S.S. other 6809-based systems?

Roger Taylor rtaylor at bayou.com
Tue Oct 28 23:44:00 EST 2003

My IDE will hopefully make it possible to make some use out of those old 
machines.  The CoCo is the main focus and much support will be in the IDE 
for developing CoCo programs, but now that I'm this far, it's too easy to 
throw in support for other 6809 systems M.E.S.S. can emulate, so nothing is 
stopping the editor from accepting your programs designed for the hardware 
on those machines.

Currently, there are no go-betweens from the assembler to the "link" 
process.  There is nothing to link.  Object files are not produced by my 
assembler at this time.  If you have used EDTASM, then you're familiar with 
the drill.  PCs are so fast that it doesn't make a tad of difference 
whether you link pre-assembled objects together, or whether you reassemble 
everything fresh each time.  Personally, I can sleep at night knowing I did 
a complete rebuild.  However, I realize all of the uses for producing 
objects and linking them later.  When the system advances, I might add 
support for this, AND library support.

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