[Coco] Looking for MM/1

KnudsenMJ at aol.com KnudsenMJ at aol.com
Sat Oct 25 17:28:08 EDT 2003

In a message dated 10/25/03 9:54:18 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
sleepy99 at bellatlantic.net writes:

> I remember now... Al Huffman and Terry Todd of Sub-Etha Software wrote 
>  a GUI
>  for the MM/1 using kwindows. I got a copy from one of the Atlanta Fest
>  in the 80's. It was neat.

>  AFAIK they sold it only though Sub-Etha....

Do you recall how much they charged you for it?

I wonder if these are the guys (Allen and Terry were pretty well-known) who 
wrote a thing called K-Less, which is the "less/more" text viewer of Unix/Linux 
souped up, and given a REALLY fine GUI.  In fact, the GUI was overkill for 
this simple utility, but showed off the icons and graphics.  It looked as good 
as anything *can* look on a 640x400 color screen.  (Not sure if they used the 
flickery 400-line vertical, or just the 200).

I still have KLess on my MM/1, will try to remember to fire it up next time I 
boot that box.  --Mike K.

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