DEFT Pascal docs Re: [Coco] [Color Computer]

Bob Devries bdevries at
Sun Oct 19 03:44:01 EDT 2003

Willard wrote:
> Actually it was going to be more along the lines of "brief summary of
> editor keys, please?" :-)
CLEAR <up arrow> move cursor up 15 lines
CLEAR <down arrow> move cursor down 15 lines
CLEAR <left arrow> move to beginning of line
CLEAR <right arrow> move to end of line
CLEAR <B> moves cursor to beginning of text
CLEAR <E> moves cursor to 15 lines before end of text
CLEAR SHIFT <up arrow> inserts an up arrow
CLEAR <D> deletes the character under the cursor
CLEAR <H>  deletes all characters from cursor to end of line
SHIFT <left arrow> deletes character to the left of the cursor
CLEAR <L> deletes the current line
CLEAR <I> places editor in INSERT mode
CLEAR <R> puts editor in REPLACE mode
CLEAR <G> inserts a file at the cursor position
CLEAR <W> Writes memory to disk
CLEAR <Q> quits the editor
CLEAR <X> combines CLEAR <W> and CLEAR <Q>

> How much trouble will this be for you?  How huge a book are we talking

Mmm, not too much trouble. I can't guarantee a finish time, though. The
manual is about /12 inches thick, A5 size.

> I wouldn't want to distract you from important stuff, like getting
> your MM/1 running and uploading the PUCC archive to somewhere on the
> Net. (hint, hint!)

Yep, working on that.

Regards, Bob Devries; Ipswich, Queensland, Australia

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