[Coco] Re: Possible OS-9 Project

James Ross jr at webross.com
Sat Oct 18 16:52:03 EDT 2003

Richard E. Crislip wrote:

>Hello James
>Heh... sounds good to me, when are ya goin to start? 8-)

Hi Richard, I have decided to go forward with it and see how it goes.
I will make a website available within the next week or two stating
the goals of the project along with a general road map.  It might be
slow going at first because of the initial design and research.
However, I plan on keeping the site updated with progress notes and
source code.  I hope it does *not* end up like one of the many dead OS
projects out there :)   If I stick with the original design goals, I
believe this project is doable without it consuming all my free time.
My first estimate for beta version 1.0 would be by the end of next
year 2004. 


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