[Coco] Possible OS-9 Project

David Hazelton davehazelton at access-4-free.com
Fri Oct 17 19:14:00 EDT 2003

John E. Malmberg wrote:
> David Hazelton wrote:
>> John E. Malmberg wrote:
>>> So it would be better to provide a library that could interface to 
>>> both X-11/Motif and Microsoft Windows than to try to get to the 
>>> hardware.  I am not sure what Macintosh needs now that their OS is 
>>> UNIX based.
>> I believe that the floppy driver for Mac X is just a BSD driver, taken 
>> from MKLINUX. Apple no longer supports internal floppies, since 
>> anything that Apple supports under X doesn't have internal floppy 
>> controllers, just USB floppies.  And of course that driver is not 
>> supported, it just works.  (But I could be wrong, since I don't have X)
> X-11/Motif is a standard Graphical User Interface application interface.
> X-11 is Open Source and available for almost all UNIX operating systems, 
> OpenVMS and others.
> Motif is a commercial library that is available from the comercial OS 
> providers.
> The only major operating systems that I am aware of that do not support 
> X-11/Motif are Microsoft Windows, and possibly Apple Macintosh, but now 
> that the Macintosh OS is UNIX based, they probably support X-11 also.
> A Gnu functional clone appears to be available for LINUX.
> Access to a real floppy disk is a different issue.
> -John
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Not to confuse X-11 and Mac-0S X , The Floppy Issue was Dealing with the 
hardware and Mac-OS X and that it uses BSD type drivers.  On The X-11 
issue, Openoffice.org for the Macintosh (which is the Free version of 
Star office, a Office suite) sits ontop of X-11.  Since I do not have 
Mac-OS X, I do not know if X-11 for the Macintosh comes with the OS or 
if it is from a third-party source like SourceForce.  Goto www. 
Openoffice.org for information on how to get X for the Macintosh.

~David Hazelton

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