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Hank hank at roomful.com
Fri Oct 17 13:54:01 EDT 2003


Hank Walther
Age: $29  (41 looks great in hex! LOL)
Divorced, 2 teenage sons, (both into computers of course!)
Musician (piano, keyboards)
Electronics Technician

I played with the TRS-80 Model One, at the Radio Shack store across the
street from my High School back in 1978 when it came out.  Of course I could
not afford the $5000.00 price tag!  I got a job with American Tourister as a
computer operator on a IBM model 360 the following year while a senior, as a
co-op job.
My first computer was a Coco2 that I got in 1983 by trading a CB linear
amplifier for it!  I got a job at Radio Shack the following year, joined the
Foxboro, Ma Coconuts, and somewhere in there upgraded to disk drives, a
modem etc.  In 1985 and 1986 I went to the New Jersey Rainbowfests.  I got
the first Coco3 to come to my store in 1986, and added a Burke & Burke Hard
Drive System and OS-9 Level 2.  I finally was assimilated by MS-DOS and the
X86 CPUs around 1991 when I got a Tandy 1000.  At the time I had two Coco2s
and 1 Coco3.   I packed them up, and hung on to most of the stuff.

Current active Computers:

AMD XP 2000+ 512Meg RAM 300GIG Hard Drive Space (On Wifi Network)
AMD Anthon 1400 128Meg RAM 20GIG Hard Drive (On Wifi Network) (Son's)
Gateway 9100 PII 266MHZ Laptop 128MEG RAM 30GIG HD (On Wifi Network)
386 clone in workshop w/ Catweasel Floppy disk controller to hopefully
archive all my Coco and TRS-80 disks to .DSK format!
Coco3 with 6309 512K Ram, Disto Controller with Real Time Clock (Y2K
compliant!!), ADOS, and 2 DSDD Floppies.
I would really like to get my hands on a GCCC IDE interface, or would buy a
Cloud-9 one when and if they come out!

Current inactive Computers:

TRS-80 Model One!  (I finally could afford one when I bought my friends
system for $50 when he was going to throw it out!)
Complete with 4 floppy drives 48K expansion interface, 300 baud modem, and
about 200 or so disks.

Claim to Fame:

I prototyped a MIDI interface for the coco that fit into a RS Game Pak sized
case.  The only other one out at the time required a full sized disk
controller sized case.  I showed it off at the 1986 Rainbowfest in New
Jersey.  Marty Goodman was really impressed!  Not enough interest to go into
production though.

Claim to Shame: (LOL)

I'm "Horrible Hank" one of the  members on the former Inner Circle, a Coco
software cracking piracy group, led by "The Turtle".  We even had a dinner
meeting during the 1986 Ranbowfest!   To this day you may see my name pop up
on the "greets" screen of some "cracked" Coco game software!

PS: Start the flaming if you must!

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