[Coco] Gene Heskett??

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Wed Oct 15 22:02:03 EDT 2003

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daveekelly at earthlink.net writes:

> There was a message a while back that he was going to Nevada  on business 
>  would be gone 9 weeks. Or so.

Yes, I remember now, both on the List and when I visited him, he had to go to 
Nevada to help fix up an old TV station for his former boss (he was the chief 
engineer for many years at WDTV, on an isolated mountain top in W.Va.)  He 
gave me a personal tour of that station, including a *serious* Jeep ride up and 
down that "hill."

I think Gene expected to be back home by now, but the job was sort of 
If I can find his home phone from my trip, maybe I'll give him a call.
--Mike K.

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