[Coco] PNY USB SmartMedia Card reader/writer

KnudsenMJ at aol.com KnudsenMJ at aol.com
Mon Oct 13 20:16:00 EDT 2003

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photorob00 at yahoo.com writes:

> There's also the fairly new xD card - similar width and thickness to the 
>  Secure Digital, but about half the length.  The only place I've seen those 
>  used is in some of the newer FujiFilm digicams (taking lessons from Sony 
>  perhaps?  ;) ), so it appears you lucked out there Mike.

Yes, I had noticed recently that the latest FujiFilm cameras, very similar to 
mine (but costing much less, natch!) are using something other than Smart 
Media.  Ticks me off, since it means that if I buy a new camera I can't recycle 
my old memory cards, unless someone is still making cameras that use Smart 
Media.  SM may be getting phased out.

>  I was also just reading the other day about a new offering from Sony - 
>  can't remember the name but it's a version of the Memory Stick that's 
>  1/3 the length.

Great.  Now, how about 1/3 the price, and 3x the compatibility with the rest 
of the world?  "The what?" -- Sony CEO.
>  On the brighter side, earlier this year Lexar released 2GB and 4GB Compact 
>  Flash cards.  They're currently quite expensive (about $700 for the 2GB 
>  $1500 for the 4), but the possibilities boggle the mind.

Wow, and on a postage stamp or thereabouts.
One thing, these are not rapid access via USB -- somewhere between floppies 
and Zip disks in access time and transfer speed.  Still, the thought of all my 
PC files on a stamp is invigorating.  I did mention a while back, the idea of 
smuggling data on one of these.  --Mike K.

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