[Coco] Cutting the cord

Neil Morrison neilsmorr at hotpop.com
Fri Oct 10 16:22:00 EDT 2003

I could add coco at maltedmedia.com as a member. I can't find a
reasonable way to add bit.listserv.coco or any other group to the


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From: <jimcox at miba51.com>

> I just took the drastic action and added printon.edu to my
> filter.  The one good thing about the spam filter I have
> is that it quarantines email instead of redirecting or
> deleting them, so I can catch what few nuggets of gold
> that are posted to the coco at pucc.princeton.edu list.
> Sad to see this happen. Hopefully this new list will allow
> the CoCo community to grow.
> BTW, Neil and Dennis, if it is possible, would it be wise
> to cross link the CoCo group at Yahoo with this one?
> Jim

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