[Coco] MPI thoughts and questions?

jimcox at miba51.com jimcox at miba51.com
Mon Oct 27 09:48:01 EST 2003

I believe someone out there has built their own version of 
the MPI with 7 slots.  Can anyone clarify this?  Is it a 
homebrew system or did someone once build a 7 slot MPI.

I know that the sound cartrage has a very old PIC 
processor in it. Does anyone else know of any other 
cartrages that have processors in them?  

Reason why I ask is for my long term CoCo project, I've 
narrowed it down to either networking or robotics.  For a 
Networking project, I am wondering if I could use the MPI 
bus to interface a Ethernut card.  For robotics, would do 
the same thing, but with HC11 cards.

In both cases, the CoCo would act more like a terminal and 
the other processors would do most of the work.

Any thoughts, comments, or interested parties?  I shelved 
any idea of the HAM project due to restrictions on 
attnenas where I live.


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