[Coco] speed comparisons

Bob Devries bdevries at gil.com.au
Sat Oct 11 06:12:01 EDT 2003

I did some speed disk reading tests on the emulators on two of my computers,
and came up with the following:

Using megaread on a *real* coco, takes 14 seconds.
On a MESS emulation on a Duron 1GHz, also takes 14 seconds (an exact match).
Also on the Duron, with Jeff's emulator, it takes either 1 or two seconds,
depending which end of the speed control I'm at (F6 screen)
On my '486/66 laptop, it takes 30 seconds with Jeff's emulator.

The real coco3 runs NitrOs9 Level 3. The others run *stock* OS-9.

Of course, I'm probably comparing chalk and cheese. The real coco3 has a
SCSI drive, using SCSISYS.

I *know* there are other speed test programmes, but I can't remember the
name(s). CRAFT disease (Can't Remember A Flaming Thing).

Regards, Bob Devries; Ipswich, Queensland, Australia

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